Corel Coupon Code 2020 – 15% discount

Looking for the latest coupon code for CorelDRAW and Corel suite products? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Simply click on the button below and the discount will automatically apply to your browser (if the product in question can benefit from a discount).

CorelDRAW 2019 is an excellent design tool for illustration professionals. The tool has many features:

  • Page-setting : any design professional can use CorelDRAW to create multi-page documents, brochures, etc.
  • Photo editing : CorelDRAW gives you the ability to edit your photos with the available layers.
  • Typography : Corel integrates a wide range of typographies and a complete range of typography tools into its software.
  • Color/surfaces and transparencies :
  • Styles : Corel simplifies the entire “style management”/style games part.

For which products does the Corel coupon code apply?

Corel is a suite of tools, the coupon code applies to the following products (coupon valid in 2019) :

  1. CorelDRAW Graphics (valid coupon) (Windows)
  2. Painter 2019 (valid coupon) – available on Windows/Mac
  3. ParticleShop (valid coupon)
  4. WordPerfect (valid coupon) – (10% discount)
  5. PaintShop (valid coupon) – (25% discount)
  6. AfterShot (valid coupon) – (10% discount)
  7. VideoStudio (valid coupon) – (€40 discount)

How to use CorelDRAW code 2019 ?

Nothing could be easier. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to
  2. Place the CorelDraw product (or any other product listed above) in your cart
  3. Find the following box, check it and fill it in with your code (applied through the link above)
  4. Enjoy !