Junglescout review (2020) : how to dominate your Amazon FBA niche 📊


starting from 25 $ / month

Product quality






Les points forts

  • A complete suite of tools to find the perfect niche
  • The ease of use of the tool
  • The Junglescout plugin, interesting for getting data on the fly

Les points faibles

  • No free trial offer
  • The Niche Hunter tool, not available in the Starter formula

Amazon FBA: what is it?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillement by Amazon) is a service for e-merchants, and proposed by the giant of e-commerce. This service has two main advantages; Among other things, it allows you to benefit from increased visibility of your products on sale on the platform thanks to different badges (“Prime”, “Shipped by Amazon” °.

It also facilitates the sale of your products on a European scale. Amazon subcontracts the logistics part of your business. For example, Amazon is responsible for storing your products in their warehouses, as well as preparing, packaging, and delivering orders to customers. Customer service is also included in the service.

Junglescout: How to get the edge over your FBA competitors

In webmarketing, a simple tool can revolutionize the way you approach your way of working. And incidentally, give you a huge competitive advantage. Junglescout is a suite of tools dedicated to finding product ideas, niches, and keywords on Amazon FBA. JungleScout consists of a web app and a chrome extension. JungleScout consists of:

  1. the “Product Database” tool
  2. the “Product Tracker” tool
  3. the tool “Hunter Niche”

Junglescout: the “Product Database” tool

The Product Database is a database that allows you to search in a few clicks for all the data you need. It allows you to filter different products by categories, by request, by price, number of sales, ratings, dimensions, etc. It is possible to do a personalized product search, to give you an idea of the product you can sell.

For example, if you want to start for the first time in e-commerce with Amazon FBA, you will tend to offer a product with small dimensions (easy to store and ship), within an affordable price range (between 0 and 100 €), in an area where demand is regular (eg health, cooking, well-being, etc.). This is the point of this product that will give you an idea of the products you can offer.

Junglescout: the Product Tracker Tool

The second tool, called “Product Tracker”, allows to collect automatically and directly, data from products available in the Product Database. You can see, every day, the number of units sold for a given product. This allows you to analyze your competition on Amazon FBA, and thus to know what sales potential you could expect to have on the same type of product.

This tool also allows you to analyze the strategy of your competitors. Did they organize promotions at any given time? Did they organize competitions? Does their stock flow easily or slowly? The tool also allows you to add the products of your choice to the database to collect data to track specific products. The perfect tool for statistics buffs!

Junglescout: The Hunter Niche Tool

The table of the Niche Hunter is filled with essential data (competition, demand, opportunities ...)

3rd and last tool of the suite proposed by Junglescout, the tool Niche Hunter is probably the one that will interest you the most. Similar to what can be found on SEO / SEA tools (like Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.), Niche Hunter allows you to collect product data in your niche: which are the most popular, the most sold , the number of monthly sales, the number of reviews left by customers, etc.

In addition, a list of keywords related to the products in your niche will help you know which ones to reuse in your advertising, and will help you to offer other products that customers are eager to buy. This tool can allow you to discover very good business opportunities, focusing for example on products where the competition is less, but where the demand is present.

A web app … and a plugin!

In addition to the suite of tools previously seen, Junglescout also has a very useful plugin. It allows you to view the product data on the Amazon page you are on.

For example, in the screenshot opposite, we are on a product page corresponding to the keyword “yoga mats”. By clicking on the plugin icon are displayed the number of sales of each product, the revenue generated, their position on the results page for the keyword, the seller (Amazon or an FBA seller), etc.

A very good way to gauge in an instant the potential of a niche.

Which marketplaces are available in Junglescout?

For now, Junglescout allows you to discover data for 9 Amazon marketplaces including:
  • France (FR)
  • Canada (CA)
  • Mexico (MX)
  • the United Kingdom (UK)
  • Spain (ES)
  • India (IN)
  • the United States (USA)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Germany (DE)

Is there a trial offer for Junglescout?

Unfortunately, Junglescout does not offer a free trial offer. However, there is a 14-day offer during which you can be fully refunded your payment, if the tool does not suit you.

Junglescout: how much does it cost?

$ 25/month . For this price you have:
  • the Product Database tool
  • the Product Tracker tool
  • the Keyword Scout
Only one user available . Tracks up to 40 products Access to all marketplaces. Note: Niche Hunter is NOT included in this subscription.

$ 40/month .For this price you have:

  • the Product Database tool
  • the Product Tracker tool
  • the Hunter Niche Tool
  • the Keyword Scout

3 users available. Tracks up to 80 products Access to all marketplaces.

$50/month. For this price you have:

  • the Product Database tool
  • the Product Tracker tool
  • the Hunter Niche Tool
  • the Keyword Scout

6 users available . Tracks up to 150 products. Access to all marketplaces.

So, Junglescout: Is it worth the cost?

We are convinced that investing in the right webmarketing tools will allow you to have a (big) step ahead of your competitors. Junglescout is one of the few tools on the market dedicated to Amazon FBA. Its features are simple clear, and extremely useful. They will save you time and money, by choosing the right niche (or avoiding spending time in a bad niche – especially if the demand is low). Clearly, it is a tool that we can not recommend too much.

In addition, given the relatively low price and the possibility of canceling your subscription at any time the first 2 weeks, the risk is low. We, we love!