✅ Best Tools for SEO ▷ Top 3 (2020)

When creating a website, we are invisible to Google. It is then necessary to develop its traffic via different acquisition channels. Some webmasters then prefer to turn to SEO. It is then essential to define a long-term strategy, aiming to gradually occupy the pages of Google results, on the keywords essential for your business.
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semrush review
The highly accurate traffic estimate per site
Effective Keyword Research
Lots of useful features.
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kwfinder review
The general ergonomics of the tool
Very comprehensive dashboard
The question search function.
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Long Tail Pro
Value for money.
A basic but complete solution.
Training for keyword research included.
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SEO tools are an integral part of the life of a professional speaker. Many of these tools can also be extremely useful to you, whether you are a beginner in the field, or just want to develop a serious project. We tested for you several tools specialized in SEO and today we present our comparative (2018) best SEO tools market.

SEO tools : several types of features

SEO tools generally come in 3 types:

  • SEO audit tools (or tools called “analysis”)
  • reporting tools (or so-called “tracking tools”)
  • backlinks tools

In practice, most SEO tools on the market fulfill all these features and offer a 360 ° service. However, some excel more than others in a very specific part seen above (audit, tracking or backlinks).

SEO audit tools

SEO audit tools can audit any website. They allow for example:
  1. detect technical problems of a website (bad for your SEO)
  2. find the keywords used by competitors in your niche
  3. gauge the authority of your competitors
It is essential to arm yourself with a tool that fulfills these functions. It is vital to know which keywords you want to target, what are the technical issues affecting our website, and the level of competition.

SEO reporting / tracking tools

Each of the content created on your site, and each link obtained will have an impact on your presence on the search engines. Indeed, relevant content will index and will generally be well referenced. The links ( also called backlinks ) meanwhile they will allow you to mount your content on Google results pages (& Bing!). Imagine that the content is a seed, and that the links are the water that you will provide them to grow). It is therefore essential to equip yourself with an effective monitoring tool to know if your different actions ( content creation & obtaining links) are effective. Clearly, this will allow you to know if the strategy put in place is bearing fruit or not. The reporting software you choose will be updated daily with the average position and keywords you are placing. It will also serve to know if the competition is losing speed or not, and on what words, which will allow you to direct your strategy.

SEO tools dedicated to backlinks

It is important to know the backlinks obtained by your competitors in order to copy them and gain popularity. The goal is to see which ones you can get. Note that it is much more interesting to get backlinks sites in the same theme as yours: we will avoid getting a link from an insurance site when we speak for example of sunglasses on our blog site .

Semrush: the favorite tool of our staff

Price: from $ 99.95/month Semrush is an extremely complete tool which we quickly fell in love with. Indeed, the best tools are those that we use every day. The tool is very good for performing a quick audit of the competition (site traffic, popularity, semantic audit) Searching for keywords is particularly effective and allows you to find related keyword ideas to use for your website. The tool also allows daily tracking of your positions and spy on the competition by analyzing their link profile. A safe bet! The tool has a free version (limited to 5 searches per day) that you can get by clicking here.

KWfinder: on the second place of the SEO tools podium

Prices: from 25,90 €/month
KWfinder is also a tool that fulfills all the features that are expected of a SEO tool worthy of the name. Indeed, as its name indicates it is mainly access on the search of keywords but also allows to analyze the competition of each keywords. You can test the tool in its free version by clicking here.

Long Tail Pro: basic, cheap and reliable, 3rd in our ranking

Prices: from $ 25 month
Last of our rankings (but always very good in its category), Long Tail Pro benefits from an excellent quality-price ratio. This is a no frills solution that goes to the basics: not all features are all more useless than each other. The tool thus makes it possible to:

  1. find long-tail keywords
  2. identify the relevant keywords
  3. analyze your competitors
  4. follow the evolution of your position
  5. train you in search of keywords

A complete tool that you can try by clicking here.