Alfred (review 2020): The instagram bot made in France 😇


From 9,90€/month



Features and functions




Les points forts

  • Easy to handle.
  • Basic but complete.
  • Cheap.

Les points faibles

  • Fewer features than the competition.
Alfred is an Instagram bot. His promise? Enable you to develop your audience in an organic way. How? Thanks in particular to its intelligent audience targeting functions and its task automation. We have tested the tool for you : here is our opinion about Alfred.

Alfred : the interface

Alfred’s interface is all in all classic. On the left are the different functionalities of the tool: post programming, statistics, auto-follow/unfollow…
Alfred's interface is simple and minimalist.

Alfred: features

Alfred offers the following features:

  • Programming of publications/stories
  • Automatic publication
  • Multi-accounts
  • Account statistics
  • Auto-follow/unfollow/likes/comment/dm/reshare

Programming your publications and stories

Alfred allows you to program your publications and stories. You upload your file from your PC, add the legend/first comment (full of #hashtags, classic), then choose the day and time of publication. An interesting feature to be able to manage your publication calendar in a strategic way. 🎯

Account statistics

Automating your actions is good. But analyzing them and understanding the results obtained is better! Alfred offers different statistics including:
  • commitment rates
  • average number of likes over the last 10 posts
  • average number of comments on the last 10 publications
All this is presented in the form of graphs allowing you to quickly visualize if your strategy is bearing fruit…. Or if it falls completely flat.
For the purposes of the test, you will notice that my personal account has only 40 subscribers, but I assume!
Alfred also proposes future estimates of the evolution of your audience, based on the growth of previous periods. Interesting to know if one day we will tick the million subscribers in order to become a professional influencer *wink*.


Our favorite part! Alfred will make your life easier. How ? Thanks in particular to its:
  • Automatization of follow/unfollow
  • Auto likes
  • Auto comment
  • Auto DM (for new subscribers)
  • Auto-repost
For the auto-like part, just use a filter by hashtag, place or person and define the likes speed (from very slow to very fast, or even random if you like the risk). The bot then takes care of liking the filtered photos. We can thus automatically enjoy the photos of the followers of a particular influence. Rather relevant if you are in the same niche (e. g. fitness, lifestyle, etc…)! For the automatic commentary part, it works exactly the same.
For auto-dms, we simply define the sending speed (as soon as someone follows us or a little later, so as not to arouse suspicion and get banned…).
For auto-follow and unfollow, the number of available parameters is greater. This allows you to choose:
  • the gender of the people to follow (male/female/both)
  • with a profile or not profile picture
  • ignor or not private or professional profiles
  • number of publications min/max of accounts
  • number of subscribers min/max
  • ignor profiles that have been unfollow
  • follow + like (or not) with number of adjustable likes
You can also choose to pause the actions at the chosen times. All these proposed options are useful. No transcendental features, of course, but the essential is there.


Alfred allows you to manage several accounts and switch from one to the other in one click. The 3 offers are as follows:

  1. Management of 1 account: 9,90€/month
  2. 3 accounts: 14,90€/month
  3. 25 accounts: 24.90€/month

Click here to test the offer you need ! 

Alfred – Our opinion

Alfred is an excellent introduction for a community manager or growth hacker aiming to increase the audience of the accounts for which he is responsible. The tool is very simple, straightforward, straightforward and offers a minimalist interface that a 5-year-old child will know how to use. To get a more complete idea of the instagram bots on the market, don’t hesitate to see our summary article on the best instagram bot.

Alfred : offers and rates

Alfred offers 3 different offers. Here is in detail what they propose :

9,90€/month – 1 account


  • Photos & Videos
  • Stories (Photos & Videos)
  • Albums (Photos & Videos)

Available space

  • 150MB

14,90€/month – 3 accounts


  • Photos & Videos
  • Stories (Photos & Videos)
  • Albums (Photos & Videos)

Additional modules

  • Auto Follow
  • Auto Unfollow

Available space

  • 250MB
24,90€/month – 25 accounts Programming
  • Photos & Videos
  • Stories (Photos & Videos)
  • Albums (Photos & Videos)
Additional modules
  • Auto Follow
  • Auto Unfollow
  • Auto Like
  • Auto How
  • Auto DM
  • Auto Repost
  • Spintax supported
Available space
  • 350MB