CRM Software Comparison (2019) ▷ Top 3 Best CRM Solutions 👔

Do you work in a startup or a small business and are looking for the best CRM tool for your sales team? Good news, you’re in the right place. We have tested for you the main Saas solutions dedicated to online customer relationship management, among the best on the market, and selected the easiest to use. Here is our comparison chart :
CRM softwareStrong pointsFree trial
AGILE CRM opiniones
Agile CRM
Super complete.
Clear dashboards.
Exceptional value for money.
The features dedicated to customer support.
Try Agile CRM
PIPEDRIVE opiniones
Value for money
Thought by salespeople, for salespeople.
Large customization possibilities.
Try Pipedrive
HUBSPOT opiniones
An extremely comprehensive offer.
The simplicity of the interface.
Try Hubspot

Our test criteria

Different criteria guided us in our tests. It was therefore essential to keep in mind the needs of our Internet users. For that, we took into account:
  • the price-performance ratio of the tools
  • the ease of use of CRM
  • speed of access to critical information for your business
Indeed, a good CRM software must be cheap and simple to use and accessible (because most of the time used by commercial teams that do not necessarily have advanced technical knowledge). In addition, it must also be able to quickly display the information that matters to your business. Crucial when it comes to presenting reports to your management.

1. Agile CRM

Price: starting at $ 8.99/month.

Ladies and gentlemen … In the first place of our ranking, we present you Agile CRM, which really surprised us! The tool allows you to manage the sales cycle of your business from start to finish through its features: Marketing, Sales and Customer Support .

Starting with the acquisition of contacts thanks to its functionality of creation of landing pages, autoresponder (sending mass mail) email but also by the presence of SMS marketing functions (sending commercial messages via mobile).

Sales features (those that interest us most) allows you to have a 360 ° view of all your customers and prospects: contact information, conversation history. You will finally be able to create meetings, calls and appointments in an instant.

The interface is extremely clear and finally, value for money makes it one of the most affordable CRM tools on the market today. You can use Agile CRM by clicking here.

2. PipeDrive

Price: from 12,50 €/month Second in our ranking, Pipedrive misses the first market. Its main innovation is to have been thought “by commercial, for commercial”. The solution does not bother with fuss and only offers features that will serve to its users. And on that side, you will be served since the tool is complete and offers many features including:
  • Manage your sales pipeline (dashboard)
  • Email integration
  • Activities and goals
  • Sales reports
  • Sales Forecast
  • Mobile Apps
Pipedrive offers a lot of data about your team’s activities, allowing you to see in an instant which has been most effective, the revenue generated by each, conversion rates, etc. Numerous statistics giving you insights, which will quickly analyze blocking points. The solution finally proposes a mobile version accessible everywhere. To use Pipedrive, click here.

3. Hubspot

Price : from 46 €/month

As a heavyweight CRM, Hubspot is an ultra-complete marketing platform. One of its strengths … But also weak point! Indeed, the solution is so complete that you can quickly be lost trying to understand its features. This was our observation during the test !

Indeed, Hubspot offers features dedicated to SEO, blog creation, social networks … which is not necessarily in your needs.

As for the CRM part, the software offers the essentials: history of conversations with your customers, contact management, creation of models of mails for canvassing, making appointments in one click, live chats, tables reporting …

A whole part of the tool is also dedicated to customer support and allows very interesting automated ticketing management possibilities. To use Hubspot, click the following link !

Frequently Asked Questions (CRM FAQ)

How to choose the right CRM?

Most of the time, you simply need to run a free trial of the software that interests you. You will know immediately if the solution can be interesting for your startup or not. Then all depends on the context: the number of users who will use the solution, what are the strengths that matter to you (budget, accessibility, customization possibilities, size of your sales team, etc.)

Open source CRM: which one to choose?

Open source software such as Vtiger exists on the market. We have not tested yet but invite you to stay connected: it’s in the pipes!

Free CRM: which one to choose?

We have not tested free CRM software on our site either. Agile CRM is however free up to 10 users. We invite you to test it and make your own opinion. Nevertheless, most free CRMs are limited in functionality and will require you to pay for access to the entire app.

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