Best instagram bot ▷ Comparison 2021

On Instagram, the competition is fierce. Indeed, only a few years ago, social networking was born and few people saw it as a way to improve their online visibility. Today, Instagram has come a long way and is a great way to show the world who we are.

Tools specific to Instagram exist. These allow you to develop your own community from scratch, with little technical knowledge. How? By using the “classic” methods of follow/unfollow and engagement with your community. We have tested these tools. They will make your life easier by automating daunting tasks with low added value, allowing you to focus on the essential : delivering quality content to your audience.

Here is our comparative table of the best bots for Instagram (2019). 

Best Instagram botsStrong pointsGo to site
Combin instagram review
Value for money
Basic but reliable.
A trial offer to get your own idea on the tool is available.
Try Combin
Alfred Instagram review
Easy to handle.
Basic but complete.
Try Alfred
Jarvee review
Available for 7 social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr …)
Very complete settings, easy to set up
No technical knowledge to have: the software does 90% of the work.
Try Jarvee

Table des contenus

1. Combin

Price: from 12€/month.

Some time ago we were able to test Combin, a bot dedicated specifically to Instagram. Usually, automation tools for social networks allow you to do this for different channels, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook… Here, Combin does only one thing: automate your Instagram account. And he does it well!

Indeed, the solution makes it possible to do most of the actions that are expected from an effective instagram bot:

  • Search for relevant posts (by hashtag and places)
  • Follower search by account (follow the accounts of your theme)
  • Follow/unfollow (obviously !)
  • Auto likes
  • Multiaccounts possible

Combin is cheap since it starts from 12€/month. A cost-effective way to test the automation of tasks to get your Instagram account off to the stars.

Combin is the best Instagram bot in our comparison ! 🏆 

Test Combin by following this link.

2. Alfred

Price: from 9,90€/month

Coming straight from the land of the baguette (France), Alfred is an Instagram bot that combines dithyrambic adjectives. Ultra easy to access, inexpensive and offering the essential features for a beginner in task automation on Instagram, Alfred is a gem!

We would recommend it more willingly to those who want to take their first step with a bot. Everything is there: auto likes, (un)follow, auto dm, auto rest, growth statistics, multi-accounts and automatic calculation of future commitment rates and forecasts.

The filters proposed for the automation of tasks are hashtags, places or people. The tracking parameters (knowing who the bot will follow) allows you to choose accounts with a minimum number of subscribers, choose their gender, private / professional profiles or not, etc. 

Click here to start using Alfred (3 days free) !

3. Jarvee

Price: starting at $19.95/month

Jarvee is no longer presented! This is the most famous bot dedicated to social networks. Unlike Combin, it can automate many networks, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest and many others…

…But let’s get back to our business! 🐑

Jarvee is interesting because it allows very powerful settings for your Instagram bot, among which :

  • robot activity schedules (hours/days)
  • number of people to follow/day (minimum and maximum)
  • delay between each action
  • and others (we advise you to go and see our test)

Thanks to this, Jarvee makes it possible to suggest that a human is behind the activity of the account. Indeed, nothing less natural than running a bot at 3:30 in the morning that will like 150 posts per minute. Unless you’re a vampire who prefers to live at night, of course. 🧛