Lastpass review (2020) : the smart tool that stores passwords for you 🧠


Free for 30 days, then $2 per month

Service quality






Les points forts

  • Easy to use
  • Secure notes, very comprehensive functionality.
  • A real safe for all important informations (not just passwords!)

Les points faibles

  • Free 30 days ... then paid !

Last week, we had tested Dashlane, a web tool for Internet users wanting to secure their passwords. Today, we test for you one of its main competitors: Lastpass. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Lastpass offers several classic features for what is expected of this type of services. Lastpass offers a password manager, an automatic form filling feature, a random password generator, and a secure electronic wallet application.

Lastpass: the online password manager

Let’s start with the beginning. After registering and having set your master password, logging in to Lastpass via their website will take you to the famous “safe”, similar to what is found in Dashlane. It’s simple, the two interfaces seem perfectly identical at first sight!

There are classic lists of your passwords first. There is more than one tab of secure notes, functionality also offered at Dashlane.

By clicking on the icon of the site that you saved in advance, we arrive on the form page with pre-filled fields. With the usernames and passwords you have specified. A simple feature for those in a hurry!

Creating secure notes with Lastpass

In addition to the classic password management features and pre-filling fields on websites, Lastpass offers the creation of secure notes.

Simply choose the type of notes (address, bank account, wifi password, credit card, driver’s license, etc …) and you can save the information related to the document

For example, by choosing a secure note type “bank account”, you can specify the name of the bank, the IBAN number, etc …

Example: customizable information for an address ...
... and for a bank account.

For an address, you will be able to indicate the information of a person (name, first name, address, street, city, telephones, etc …).

18 basic templates are available. Lastpass also gives the opportunity to create new ones.

Lastpass is not only a password manager, but also much more than that. It can be used as a real dashboard for all your important documents.

Gather all your important information in order to have a backup when needed: this is the biggest interest of Lastpass!

Last (pass) but not least: built-in password generator!

Already included with Dashlane that we tested last week, Lastpass also includes a function allowing you to generate a password.

This feature is exclusively available in the Lastpass Chrome plugin that you can download here. Very similar to Dashlane, the tool allows you to choose the length (in number of characters) of your password. The advanced options allow you to add special characters, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and to define the number of numeric characters. Always keep in mind that choosing a very complicated password will protect you from 99% of hacking attempts. A basic password will put you in danger!

Pre-filling Forms

Last functionality, Lastpass allows to pre-fill your forms online, for example during your purchases. You will be able to register your credit cards, bank accounts, addresses, etc. Your payments on e-commerce platforms will be even more simplified! If you like to optimize your time, it’s the icing on the cake!

Lastpass: also for professionals!

Finally, Lastpass offers two formulas for professionals (companies and startups) wanting to have a solution for storing their passwords and files “sensitive” effective.The formula “Teams” will allow teams to share their passwords easily and offers an intuitive dashboard. The “Enterprise” formula allows you to automate and adapt password management for your business. We unfortunately could not test this formula in our test.

Lastpass: how much does it cost?

$2/month. One user, storing passwords, secure notes, forms, sharing passwords.

$4/month. Six users, password storage, secure notes, forms, sharing passwords. As its name suggests, this is the ideal solution for “digital” families!