Best Antivirus 2020 to protect your PC

It is essential to have a very good antivirus to protect your online browsing. Indeed, as soon as you own a PC or Mac, your data is likely to be stolen by malicious individuals and other hackers. Malware/spyware may also be present in files that you download…. The danger is everywhere!

We have therefore tested and selected for you several antivirus, among the best on the market…. Follow the guide!

Best Antivirus 2019Strong pointsFree trial
Very versatile.
Software updater, extremely useful.
The price.
Discover Avira
A complete 5-in-1 solution
Also protects against PC viruses.
Parental control.
Discover Intego
Total av
The interface, simple and clear.
Many features.
The presence of a password manager and a VPN.
Discover TotalAV
A complete software: anti-virus, VPN and password manager in one.
Excellent price/quality ratio
Available for PC, Mac and mobile devices
Discover Kaspersky

Avira Antivirus : affordable and complete

Price: from 44,95€

Avira is a suite of tools dedicated to protecting your online browsing, which we no longer present. We were able to test Avira’s Internet Security Suite, composed of :

  • of an antivirus
  • of a Software Uploader (automatic update manager)
  • a password manager

Thus, beyond its antivirus functionality, the package includes other interesting tools. Avira Internet Suite obtained a score of 9.3/10, which makes it an excellent antivirus. Among its strengths, we were able to highlight its versatility (via the 3 tools offered) as well as its contained price!

During our tests, we were indeed amazed by the protection offered by Avira in real time. Other interesting features are present, such as file repair.

Kaspersky : the 3-in-1 antivirus

Price: from 29,99€

Offered from €29.99, Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus products in our selection. For this price, what will you benefit from? As you know, on this website we are testing many web tools. Kaspersky proposes:

  1. An antivirus
  2. A password manager
  3. A VPN

Kaspersky is a real all-in-one tool dedicated to the security of your computer, but also to your comfort (thanks to the password manager) and your anonymity (with the proposed VPN). But let’s focus on the antivirus side. For its price, Kaspersky protects against viruses, ransomwares, and enhances the security of your online banking transactions.

Kaspersky also offers a diagnostic and repair tool to repair your computer if files appear to pose an immediate danger. It is also necessary to specify that Kaspersky will not only protect your PC, but is also suitable for a Mac and other mobile devices (Android smartphones and iOS).

Intego : an antivirus for Mac… but not only !

Price: from 39,99€

Even if we often tend to think that a Macbook is virus-proof, this is not necessarily the case. This is why we also want to highlight in this comparison an antivirus for Mac installers. Intego is an excellent antivirus tested in our columns, especially dedicated to Mac owners. He obtained a score of 8.3/10. It is a complete antivirus program with many features, including :

  • real-time antivirus and automatic scans
  • firewall
  • malware protection
  • file cleaning
  • parental control
  • backup of your data

It should be noted here that Intego protects not only PC malware but also Mac malware. A double protection, in a way! As for the rest, antivirus offers most of what you expect from a good antivirus: real-time analysis of downloaded files, protection against data theft, cleaning your files, firewall. Unlike Avira, Intego does not integrate a password manager or software updater. This can be considered a weakness, if you are picky.

TotalAV – Scam or reliable ?

Price: from 19,95€

TotalAV is an antivirus often criticized on the Internet. However, our test revealed a rather reliable, cheap and effective antivirus program. Indeed, for 19.95€ (the cheapest in our comparison), TotalAV offers not only an antivirus, but also a password manager and a VPN like Kaspersky.

On the VPN side, we can’t advise you because it records the logs. We invite you to consult our VPN comparison to find the right tool for your needs.

To get back to antivirus, it offers everything you need: protection against malware, ransomware, spyware and adware. The analysis is done in real time and prevents you from having any problems. On this side, we were not disappointed. It is a reliable and effective antivirus. The interface is simpler and easier to use.