Planethoster – 2020 review : web hosting made in Canada 🍁



Service quality






Les points forts

  • An all-in-one formula
  • Unlimited multi-sites
  • Presence of a free offer

Les points faibles

  • A little expensive

Who is Planethoster?

Founded in 2007, Planethoster is a company that offers internet solutions, such as:

  • web hosting 
  • domain name registrations
  • SSL certificate sales

Today the company has more than 60,000 customers around the world. In this article, we will give you our opinion on Planethoster and more specifically on the hosting solutions that the company offers.

An all-in-one offer

Where the majority of web hosts offer various formulas, ranging from the most basic to the most “premium”, Planethoster offers a unique offer for 6 € / month, about 72 € per month. For comparison, some offers from other web hosts (for example 1&1) can start at 12 € / year … Thus, the offer offered here is a little less affordable than elsewhere … But do not focus too much on the price. For the price, what is included?

  1. Multi-sites with unlimited sites
    First and foremost, Planethoster offers the possibility to install multiple sites on the same hosting. This means that for 6 € / month, you can install 1, or 5, or 10 sites on the same hosting. This is not luxury, where the “basic” offers in the competition usually allow to install only one site. Which means that each site will have to have its own accommodation. The bill can quickly climb! If you plan to create multiple sites, Planethoster’s World offer makes life easier.
  2. Unlimited traffic
    The bandwidth offered is unlimited. This means that in case you have 10 visits a day (we all started somewhere;) or 10000 visits a day, the price will stay the same (and your site will not crash!). No surprise, if your site traffic explodes, your hosting will not explode (and that’s good, somewhere).
  3. Free domain name (for life)
    A domain name does not represent an exorbitant cost in the creation of a site (from 5 to 10 € in general). Still, it is always good to get it for free, it does not eat bread! Here it is free (and for life!).
  4. Sitebuilder included
    If you’re not comfortable with the idea of getting your hands dirty by installing a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, an intuitive sitebuilder is available, allowing you to build a site quickly.

Finally, for the most reluctant, Planethoster offers an offer called “World Lite” to enjoy free hosting, to learn the creation of sites at lower cost.

Even if a little expensive compared to the competition, Planethoster remains a very good entry in the matter, for the one who wants accommodation without surprise, complete and reliable. Also, please check here the latest planethoster promo code for 2019.