Newsletter2go (Review 2020): simple and effective emailing software


Starting from 20 € / month







Les points forts

  • The amazing simplicity of the tool.
  • Value for money.
  • Free up to 1000 mails / month.

Les points faibles

  • We would have liked more themes available.
Newsletter2go is an emailing solution that arrived in 2011. 8 years later and 120,000 customers in more than 50 countries, the tool is one of the references of e-mail marketing in Europe. The software is intended primarily for online shops, agencies but also associations. We have been able to test the tool for a short week and we deliver today our opinion on this tool. Here is our 2019 review on Newsletter2go !

Creating newsletters

The functionality at the heart of an e-mailing tool is the creation of newsletters. It answers a need that any webmaster having a mailing list meets during the development of his web project. The goal in fine, is to be able to communicate with your mail list by sending them mails (for example to propose them of reduction codes, to prevent them from the publication of a new article of blog, etc.). From this side, Newsletter2go offers:
  • an intuitive mail editor
  • “premium” templates
  • A to Z customization of mails
What reassure most beginners in the design of mails! Everything is done to be able to create very simply its first newsletters, without having the technical knowledge of a web integrator.
An example of a newsletter that can be created. Here for a restaurant of Asian specialties.
When you create your newsletter with Newsletter2go, there are 7 steps to follow. Here they are :
  1. indicate your sender information (email address, sender name, preheader)
  2. choose a template (among the 50 available with the tool)
  3. Insert images (pictures at the top of the mail, in the background)
  4. Insert text
  5. Inserting your products (images, product description, price) – in 1 click!
  6. Legality check (allow the user to unsubscribe)
  7. Sending the mail!
The software will take you by the hand from the beginning to the end of the creation of your newsletter. Accuracy: if none of the 50 templates suits you, it is possible to contact the Newsletter2go team to obtain a premium template. This one will be made “tailor-made” for your project. An interesting option for agencies and startups wishing to highlight their brand.

Sending newsletters with Newsletter2go

In its free version, this tool can send 1000 emails per month for free. A practical way to test whether this solution meets your expectations or not, in terms of both need and ergonomics. Note that this version allows to test all the premium features of the tool. The tool allows you to customize your emails to create a relationship of trust with your users. Thus, you can decide to add in the content of the “tags”. These automatically resume the information of your contacts (name, surname, civility, etc.). For example, in an email your first lines could give this:
Hello “first name”! Today, discover our new selection of sushi, specially chosen for you!
The tag “first name” will be automatically replaced by the first name of the user in your list.

Newsletter2go : newsletter analysis

A good web marketer is someone who knows how to analyze past actions in order to improve constantly. Indeed, it is not because you are doing something that gives little results that everything is over. Newsletter2go offers you the possibility to analyze the data of your mail campaigns to improve your performance indicators. So once your campaign is launched, you will be able to:
  • Analyze real-time reports (open rates, clicks, conversions)
  • Analyze the heatmap (know where you click, to understand their behaviors)
  • Group analysis (or “clusters”)

Report Analysis

When talking about emailing campaign, the most important data is the opening rate and the clickthrough rate. The opening rate allows you to know the percentage of users who have opened your newsletter. The clickthrough rate indicates the percentage that clicked on the CTA (or button) in your email.

A low open rate can indicate several things: a low-quality mailing list, a low-profile email title, etc. Other indicators to watch for, such as the unsubscribe rate (sad but it happens 😢) and the deliverability rate (percentage of emails arriving at destination).

Heatmaps analysis

Heatmaps allow you to visually understand how your users behave when opening your email. Newsletter2go’s heatmap allows you to see which links your users clicked (and did not click on), how far they scroll, and so on. So many indicators allowing you to know the areas to optimize in your newsletter.

Cluster Analysis

Newsletter2go allows you to define customer groups or “clusters”. For example, if you are an e-commerce webmaster selling sunglasses, you can create “men’s glasses”, “women’s glasses”, “teenager glasses”, etc. This will allow you to send highly specific and relevant newsletters to the right people. It will be possible to segment your list by civility, age, region. Everything will depend on your business, and your marketing goals. Finally note that it is possible to integrate Google Analytics Tracking to know precisely the number of visits to your site from your emails.

Our final opinion on Newsletter2go

Newsletter2go is an emailing software focusing exclusively on what he does best: contact your mailing list! The tools offered by the software are simple, effective and simple to handle. What we particularly like is the ease of deploying a visually successful, personalized email campaign in just a few moments.

Far from emailing software offering 1000 and 1 functions, here the promise is simple: deliver your emails easily, free and efficiently. On this point, the software has seduced us and fulfills all its promises.

Newsletter2go: offers and rates

The software offers 3 packages ranging from 1000 to 3 million emails / month. Here they are :
  • Email Support
  • 1 Contact List
  • 1 User
  • 50 MB Media Library
  • Basic Campaigns
  • 40 Layout Templates
  • Basic Integrations
  • Basic Reports (Overview)
  • + Including LITE
  • + Telephone Support
  • 5 Contact Lists
  • 5 Users
  • 1 GB Media Library
  • + Basic & Automated Campaigns
  • + 30 Ready-to-go Templates
  • Standard 1-Click Product Transfer
  • + Detailed Reports (PDF/CSV)
  • + Voucher Pools
  • + Email Attachments
  • + Spam Testing
  • + Double Opt-in Contact Import
  • + Including STANDARD
  • + Personal Point of Contact
  • ∞ Unlimited Contact Lists
  • ∞ Unlimited Users
  • ∞ Unlimited Media Library Storage
  • + White-Labeling
  • + Dedicated IP Addresses (for 100,000+ emails/month)
  • + Email Client Testing