Our review of Viral Lauch – 2021 : propel your Amazon FBA business to the stars? ⭐

Viral Launch

starting from $ 17 / month

Quality of the tool






Les points forts

  • Possibility to buy the tools individually
  • Ergonomic and intuitive interface.
  • Many data available for the most interested.

Les points faibles

  • A bit expensive if you want to benefit from the 3 tools.
Launched 10 years ago, the Amazon FBA (Fulfilling By Amazon) program continues to attract new entrepreneurs. This service makes it possible to remove a significant weight from e-merchants: that of logistics. Many tools dedicated to optimizing an Amazon FBA activity have flourished in recent years. Today, we tested for you Viral Launch, a tool that promises to dominate your FBA niche, just that! Let’s see in detail what it is …

Viral Launch: Looking for the perfect product!

There is nothing worse than offering a product for which there is no demand. It’s wasted time! The first promise of Viral Launch is to save you time by finding the perfect product for sale. The Product Discovery tool is used for this. It first offers you to enter the parameters of the product you would like to have.
It is possible to search directly for a product via its ASIN code. Viral Launch also offers to search for a product by typing a keyword and defining a price range (or by defining an estimated price / sales range and ticking all categories, if you want to be exhaustive).
Example of results obtained by ticking all categories and setting a price range "$ 50-100". A great way to find interesting ideas!

Finally, Viral Launch offers to find a product via the name of a brand: a real industrial espionage!

The Market Intelligence

The second tool proposed is the Market Intelligence. It offers you, after finding a product through Product Discovery, to analyze the data of the chosen market. This will allow you either to validate your product idea, or to realize that the market does not suit you.
Market Intelligence provides very accurate data for a particular market. Number of monthly sales for each product, price, seller’s margin, and monthly revenue. What will you project in the future, and imagine how you too can hope to win.
Example table for the keyword "Smartwatch"

Keyword Research

It must be kept in mind that the search for keywords must be taken into account from the beginning to the end of your niche / product search. You have to put all the odds on your side to make your launch a success. The “Keyword Research” tool is therefore present and will allow you to analyze the monthly search volumes for each product. An excellent way to visualize the sales potential of a market. However, keep in mind that the higher the search volume, the more competition! The goal is to find a market with demand, and an “acceptable” competition.
In addition, this tool allows you to find ideas for related products. For example, on the screenshot above, you can see product ideas after typing “First aid kits”. The 3rd proposal is “first aid kit for car”. A very good keyword that allows you to offer a product more niche, with a search volume always interesting, but less competitive! Viral Launch also proposes to add the products you sell in its tool called “Launch”. This one will allow you to follow the performances of your product in order to adapt it to your customers.

Our opinion on Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a “basic” tool dedicated to launching your product on Amazon. Even if you have no experience with Amazon FBA and webmarketing in general, the overall usability of the tool will allow you to find the niche and product that will suit you. Thus, you will put all the chances on your side so that the launch of your product is a success.

Viral Launch, however, is not really dedicated to the entire process that follows the launch of a product. There is product tracking, but it remains fairly basic compared to other tools like Junglescout or Sellics, more advanced on this side.

Finally price side as we will see below, the tool is a bit expensive. It is, however, an investment. It may be interesting to take a subscription of one month, use the tool to make a true Amazon watch to find the product that suits you. This can be enough!

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Viral Launch: for which marketplaces?

Viral Launch is available for:

  • the United States (USA)
  • the United Kingdom (UK)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Canada (CA)
  • Mexico (MX)
  • Spain (ES)
  • France (FR)
  • Italy (IT)

Viral Launch: how much does it cost?

Viral Launch offers 4 subscription packages:
$ 17/month . Only the Market Intelligence is included.
$49/month . Market Intelligence and Product Discovery are included!
$49/month. Market Intelligence and Product Discovery are included! Category search is also included (unlike “Intermediate”).
$83/month. Product Discovery, Market Intelligence and Keyword Research are all included.