Zonguru review (2020) : 12-in-1 tool for your Amazon FBA business 🛠️


starting from 49 $ / month

Product quality






Les points forts

  • The tools dedicated to customer loyalty
  • Every aspect of an FBA business is covered
  • Free trial available

Les points faibles

  • 2 times more expensive than Junglescout (for the starter pack)
  • Not really 12 features ...
  • We reach the limits quickly with the Starter subscription

Zonguru was founded by two successful seller friends on Amazon, Adam Hudson and Jon Tilley. This idea was born from a simple observation: before the creation of Zonguru, e-merchants using Amazon FBA needed 3 or 4 different tools simultaneously to excel on the platform … which can quickly raise costs! The concept of Zonguru is very simple: make life easier for e-merchants by giving them access to 12 tools in 1.

1 platform, 1 access, 1 subscription, 12 tools. Here is our test of the Zonguru tool.

The 12 tools in Zonguru

  1. The ZonGuru Chrome extension
  2. The Business Dashboard
  3. The Dirty Spy
  4. The Email Automator
  5. The Keyword Tracker
  6. The Keyword Listing Optimizer
  7. The Product Monitor
  8. The Negative Feedback
  9. Your orders
  10. Your Products
  11. the IP Monitor
  12. The “Love-Hate”

The ZonGuru Chrome extension

The Chrome extension allows you to see product data available on Amazon such as the number of sales. In a few seconds, thanks to the available filters (price, number of reviews, rank, revenue generated, ratings). This extension allows in a few moments to study the market and the potential of a product … and to know if launching your own product in the niche found is relevant, or not.

The Business Dashboard

The business dashboard allows you to estimate in real time the net income (after expenses) generated by your Amazon FBA business in the form of graphs. You can also see where your expenses are going, giving you ideas to save money by reducing costs, and make your business even more profitable. The “Business Value” score also allows you to see the estimate of your business, if you were to sell it.

The Sale Spy

The Sale Spy allows as the name suggests, track the number of sales generated by any product on Amazon.Sales are tracked from the moment you decide to follow the product. This will give you a clearer idea of the margins generated by a particular type of product, the number of monthly sales depending on the position of the product. The process is simple, just add the ASIN code associated with the Amazon product and add it in ZonGuru. Tracking can be done on different marketplace including amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, amazon.cn, amazon.fr …

The Email Automator

As the name implies, the email automator allows you to program personalized emails to send to your customers, automatically sent at the intervals you have chosen. For example, when putting new products online, lots of setting up temporary promotions. etc … Each e-mail can be personalized, including the addition of your brand logo, the addition of product images, etc.

The Product Keyword Tracker

The Product Keyword Tracker allows you to know the keywords on which your products are positioned, as well as the evolution of your positions as time goes by. It is possible to track a keyword from position 200 to position 1. A real tool for data enthusiasts to analyze!

The Product Listing Optimizer

The Product Listing Optimizer allows you to optimize the titles of your products , descriptions, feature lists and keywords used on product listings. A tool that allows you to see what are the weak points of your descriptions in order to optimize them. You can also use this tool to analyze the competition to inspire you.

The Product Monitor

Very simple, this feature offers the possibility to schedule alerts as soon as one of your products receives a notice from a customer.

The Negative Feedback

Similar to the Product Monitor, the Negative Feedback will alert you as soon as a customer leaves a negative opinion … In order to be able to communicate with him as soon as possible, to check why the product did not meet his expectations!

Your Orders

This feature allows you to centralize all the information about your customers: whether their name, ASIN code of the product purchased, marketplace, etc … A link also allows access to an email to send a message in one click.

Your Products

Functionality dedicated to the “logistics” aspect of your FBA business, you will be able to closely monitor the stocks of your products, in order to never run out of product. You’ll also receive alerts when it’s time to order more products when your stock is up.

IP Monitor

The IP Monitor helps protect your Amazon products from the theft of intellectual property related to the photos of your products. An alert can be programmed when someone uses a photo identical to yours, retouched or not.


Original feature, “Love-Hate” can generate a list of positive and negative points of your products, based on analysis of the opinions left by customers. You will immediately have a way to modify your next orders to your supplier, in order to adapt the product to the market. A product that meets customer requirements.

Our opinion on Zonguru: really 12 tools?

Zonguru’s concept is to offer 12 tools in one. The only concern is that in fact some of these tools are “duplicated”, others are separated into several while they could be proposed in one. For example, the Negative Feedback, Product Monitor and the “Love Hate” perform almost the same function.

Nevertheless, Zonguru is the most serious competitor in Junglescout (we give our opinion on Junglescout here). It is a rather interesting tool offering all the essential functions to get your business off the ground.

Is there a free trial offer for Zonguru?

Zonguru offers a 7-day trial offer. Rather interesting to test this tool without risk.

Zonguru: how much does it cost?

Zonguru offers 3 different subscriptions:
$49/month. For this price, you get 1 marketplace , the Sales Spy for 75 products and the ability to track 75 keywords. The business dashboard is limited to 7 days (only gives a slippery week). This is the most interesting offer for someone wanting to launch their first e-commerce with FBA.
$99/month. For this price, you benefit from an unlimited number of marketplaces, the Sales Spy for 150 products as well as the ability to track 600 keywords. The business dashboard is not limited.
$199/month. For this price, you get 1 marketplace, the Sales Spy for 300 products and the ability to track 2000 keywords. The business dashboard is not limited. This is the best plan for people already living their FBA business (with some success).