Ingramer Promo Code – 10% discount

You need a promo code for Ingramer, one of the most efficient Instagram bot of the moment? Go no further! We offer you a 10% discount for your subscription. To do so, nothing could be simpler, click on the button below to reveal your personalized promo code.

Ingramer coupon code

Ingramer coupon code

17% discount - Direct chat, Posting, Promo and 22% - Hashtag Generator

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17% discount

Ingramer is an Instagram bot with a little over a year of activity. However, it very quickly won the hearts of many Instagram users thanks to its features, which are effective to say the least. It is important to specify that an Instagram bot can offer many features in theory, but prove to be of little use in practice. This is not the case with Ingramer! So we find :

  1. an auto “like” module.
  2. an automatic DM module (private messages)
  3. a follow/unfollow module (classic functionality of an instagram bot)
  4. publication planning (to publish your images and videos in advance)
  5. various tools to automate Instagram.

So far, nothing extremely original. Indeed, most bots on the market offer these features. Where Ingramer stands out is in its efficiency. Ingramer’s proposal is to allow a bot to be twice as efficient as the competition. So you can feel it very quickly. By publishing very regularly (if possible several times a day) every day, it is possible to acquire thousands of followers very quickly. Ingramer is therefore mainly aimed at community managers wishing to develop the image of their company, or for influencers wishing to automate their account and save time. There are also various options such as :

  • the ability to add advanced filters to focus on an audience relevant to your niche.
  • the smart unfollow to keep a favorable follow/unfollow ratio.
  • Story viewing, blacklisting…
  • Numerous statistics on actions and results (followers gains, evolution of the number of likes, etc).

Ingramer: other features

Ingramer offers other functionalities. For example, there is a hashtags generator to find the hashtags most wanted by your audience. It would be stupid to miss them, wouldn’t it? Ingramer’s algorithm allows you to search for them automatically to increase your online visibility. You can generate hashtags via a keyword, an image, or a URL. The generator also allows you to find similar hashtags in other languages, to expand your geographical audience! Having followers is good, having followers around the world is better!

Ingramer also offers a profile analyzer, allowing you to analyze all the statistics related to a public account: number of followers, commitment, most liked publications, comments, etc… This allows you to analyze your competitors in order to know what works best and adapt your strategy accordingly.

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Ingramer promo code: how to use it?

To use the Ingramer coupon code and benefit immediately from your discount, please follow the process below:

  1. Go to
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  3. Go to your dashboard.
  4. click on “prices”.
  5. choose your subscription offer.
  6. Find the field “promo code” and click on it.