Magix coupon code 2020

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Magix, absolutely everything you need to edit your videos

Magix obtained a score of 9/10 in our test dedicated to him and which you can find here. This makes it one of the best software on the market. Feel free to read our video editing software comparison here.

It is a video editing and optimization software that is extremely easy to use, allowing all types of users to edit high quality videos for a price of 69.99€. Remember that Magix is only compatible on Windows.

Magix offers a product that will not only allow you to create videos with a very professional look, but also to export files in all types of formats.

Here are the different functionalities offered by the software:

  • Video creation and editing – a multitude of accepted formats and all the necessary tools to cut, slow down, speed up, crop the video.
  • Video optimization – stabilization and refinement, color homogenization and many others for a professional video.
  • Breathtaking effects – possibility to add many video and sound effects for beautiful and professional rendering.

How to use the Magix coupon code ?

First of all, visit the Magix site

  1. Choose your Delux / Plus / Premium package
  2. Click on “Add to cart”
  3. Find the “Purchase order code” button and click on it
  4. Enter the Gift Certificate Code in the field.