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NordVPN : our uncompromising opinion on this VPN

We recently tested Nord VPN (you can find our opinion here.). It has also obtained an excellent score of 9.3/10, making it one of the best VPN of 2019. You can go in with your eyes closed! What are the main advantages of NordVPN? Here are the ones we liked :

  • A high level of safety
  • A VPN particularly suitable for streaming
  • A very affordable price

High security level

NordVPN’s security arguments are multiple. Using this VPN will allow you to connect to a remote server, managed by your VPN provider. Your data will be encrypted, masked and secured. NordVPN uses several technologies to ensure your safety. The first is called AES 256. It is a military-grade encryption standard used by many governments around the world to protect sensitive data. NordVPN benefits from this high level of encryption.

The second, called Cybersec, is a technology created by NordVPN. It allows you to strengthen your online security when using the VPN. How? By blocking dangerous websites, and malicious software while browsing online. Think of it as a kind of boosted antivirus that has only one mission: to make your Internet browsing experience as “risk-free” as possible ! 

NordVPN’s third and final security advantage is “double encryption”. This advantage will be particularly strong in highly censored countries, such as China, Russia, etc. These are countries that hunt NPVs, blocking them regularly. Thanks to NordVPN, the user’s IP address is encrypted twice, which ensures additional anonymity.

NordVPN : surf unlimited thanks to the promotional NordVPN coupon

NordVPN is optimized for streaming. The large number of countries and servers available (60 countries and 5000 servers) allows you to connect to the server of your choice at any time, and avoid the geographical filter that prevents you from viewing your favorite streaming content. During our test, we noted an excellent connection speed.

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