Viral Launch Coupon Code 2020 – 15% discount on your subscription

Are you looking for the latest promo code for the software dedicated to Amazon Seller FBA Viral Launch? It’s your lucky day! The promotional code on this page will allow you to save 15% on your subscription offer. Go ahead, it’s a gift. Simply click on the button below to reveal the code to be used.
Viral Launch Coupon Code

Viral Launch Coupon Code

Use the Viral Launch coupon code and get a 15% lifetime discount.

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-15% lifetime

Viral Launch obtained a very good score of 8/10. This makes it one of the best tools dedicated to your business for Amazon FBA. The tool is very complete and offers among other things:

  1. The “Product Discovery” tool : this feature allows you to validate your niche idea, by analyzing products that are already working in the competition. Thanks to Viral Launch’s powerful search tool, you can find a product via its name, category, ASIN code, price, etc. The goal is to allow you to find a product for sale that will suit you perfectly.
  2. “Market Intelligence” : this functionality is complementary to the “Product Discovery”. Indeed, after having found an idea of a potential niche, you will be able to analyze the data of existing products already on the market. This will allow you to analyze the number of products sold, the margin received by the seller, the net income generated, etc. This will help you to know the potential of the market you are targeting.
  3. The “Keyword Research” : Like an SEO tool, it is essential to do a good search of keywords to know what potential customers are looking for. Keyword Research allows you to see the number of monthly searches for each keyword (“first aid kit”, “bedside lamp connected”, etc.). Other metrics are available and allow you to see the level of competition for each keyword, and the price for a sponsored ad. A simple way to know which products are competitive and likely to generate business.

Virus Launch’s strong points

Viral Launch is a very good and complete tool for Amazon FBA, it’s undeniable. But let’s be more specific!

It is thus possible to purchase each tool separately, if you only want to have access to one feature. Secondly, the interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The menus are clear and easy to use.

Finally, Viral Launch has an impressive database of research data. From the number of monthly searches for each keyword, to the competition, you can quickly become passionate about analysis and niche discovery!

Viral Launch Coupon Code: how to use it ?

To use the Launch Viral Coupon, follow these steps:

  • Go to Viral Launch’s website
  • Click on “Pricing Plans”
  • Choose your subscription type
  • Search the “enter a coupon code” field and use ours!
  • Enjoy your 15% lifetime discount !

Viral Launch Coupon: what discounts will you get?

The promotional code will allow you to obtain the following discounts:
Viral Launch offerOriginal Price (annual)Discounted Price (annualGet Discount
Pro Seller – Annual $990.00 $841.50
Brand Builder – Annual $1490.00 $1266.50