Windscribe promo code 2020

Would you like to take out a Windscribe subscription to get the best VPN of the moment? Even if this VPN offers a free offer, it is limited and this may be a concern for you. No worries, we are here to offer you the latest promotional code available. This will allow you to save on your subscription offer. Click immediately on the button below to enjoy it!
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We recently tested Windscribe on our website. Windscribe obtained an excellent score of 9.3/10. A very good score for this VPN who has a free standing offer. Although limited, this one remains interesting. This way, you can connect to servers in 10 countries (compared to a total of 60 countries for the paid offer). The main European countries are available, such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, etc.

In addition, you will be limited to 10GB of bandwidth. This is much higher than most other free offers offered by competing products, generally limited to 500MB/month… But if you are reading this article, it is because you are interested in the premium offer!

In addition to this free offer, here are the main highlights of Windscribe:

  • Optimised for streaming (optimal connection speed)
  • More than 60 countries are available!
  • High safety level

If you are interested in Windscribe to be able to access your favorite Netflix catalog (such as the French catalog… at random!), using this VPN will not alter your download speed. This is one of the criteria when you want to use a VPN for Netflix (or Amazon Prime, we don’t judge you… 😉).

The high choice of available countries has one main advantage: it allows you to connect to a nearby country, and therefore to benefit from a fast connection speed. It will also allow you to access many Netflix catalogues (the free tip of the day!).

Finally, a high level of security is guaranteed by Windscribe’s military-grade encryption. For those who want a high level of anonymity, the use of two servers allows you to be invisible to everyone. That’s the icing on the cake!

How to use the Windscribe promo code?

To use the Windscribe promo code, nothing could be easier:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on “tariff”
  3. Choose the subscription offer that interests you (annual, monthly, or personalized subscription)
  4. Click on the button “you have a promo code?”
  5. Enter your promotional code and benefit from the discount offered