What is the best free alternative to Asana?

You are looking for an alternative to Asana, the task management tool?

Asana is a collaborative project management tool that allows you to work with your teams. The tool, even if it is excellent, is not free of defects. That’s why if you’re looking for a good alternative to Asana, we recommend Monday.

Monday is an excellent alternative already used by more than 36,000 companies around the world, including Wix.com, Philips and DHL. The main advantage is its ease of use, which makes it a quick tool to learn. Indeed, the goal is that your teams and new collaborators can quickly and efficiently use the tool. This is the case here with a simple but effective interface.

Your employees will be able to customize their own dashboards in their own way, in order to adapt them to their own needs. This makes Monday a flexible and versatile alternative to Asana. The tool offers several features including:

  • Customizable calendar
  • Clear graphics
  • File sharing
  • Kanban
  • Card
  • Timeline

As you will have understood, Monday’s number one strength is its extreme ease of use. The tool is no less functional and provides the essentials you need to manage your tasks and projects effectively at work, whether you are an SME or a startup in the making. Test Monday quickly, we recommend it !